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Since 1994 FORMADRAIN has operated in the development and implementation of No-Dig Technologies.

All types of conduits can be lined with the FORMADRAIN CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) system.

It is a fast, economical, ecological and durable No-Dig System that can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Underground pipes (sewers, storm pipes, electrical conduits or other underground pipes, potable water mains excepted)
  • Rain water leaders
  • Vents
  • Sanitary columns
  • Process piping

In 1998 the company expanded its operations by licensing its No-Dig Technologies across North America. Since that time FORMADRAIN has become an industry leader.

The company stays ahead of the competition by providing distributors with the latest technology available: The Research and Development Department works constantly to keep the system state of the art.

As Gerard Marc-Aurele, Founder of the company stated, “Our aim is to constantly improve and adapt the technology to the needs of our constant growing clientele.”

Specialties & Services:

  • Lateral Lining (released 1994)
  • Point (Spot) Repairs (released 1994)
  • Process Piping (released 1997)
  • High Pressure Applications (released 2001)
  • LMC (Lateral Main Connection), (released 2004)


Hundreds of miles of underground piping have been lined since 1994, with the FORMADRAIN Process.

FORMADRAIN Technology has been accepted in every city where an approval for lining installation has been requested. This includes Boston (and surrounding suburbs), Chicago, in Michigan State, Toronto (approved by the Building Material Evaluation Commission or BMEC for all of Ontario), Regina, Ottawa, Montreal and others.

FORMADRAIN has also been granted international approval through NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and ICC-ES certifications for sewer/drain.

We are proud to say that the company’s No-Dig Technology has also been used in large chemical companies, refineries, food companies, cosmetics manufacturers, paper plants, hospitals — in addition to municipal and residential sewers.

Quality Control:

In order to maintain its leadership in the industry, FORMADRAIN ensures the strictest quality controls within its manufacturing and supply facilities. This ensures the highest standards in the industry in the preparation of raw materials and field installation.

It is for this reason that the system is not only NSF certified, but has easily passed every NSF annual audit conducted in the company’s Montreal facilities to date (FORMADRAIN’s plant met the requirements set by Standard ASTM F1216 — a standard specific to underground sewer lining). FORMADRAIN is also ICC-ES certified for plumbing codes compliance.

The comprehensive quality control program includes:

  1. A complete manual on site at the plant — that must be rigorously followed — titled “Quality Control Manual For FORMADRAIN Liners,” that ensures the highest quality standards in the preparation of raw materials (resin mixing).
  2. All Authorized Licensees receive on-the-ground all-inclusive training and must follow the FORMADRAIN Installation Procedure Manual (latest edition).
  3. FORMADRAIN material and equipment have, and will always be, sold only to Authorized Licensees .
  4. If an Authorized Licensees does not follow the Installation Procedures; FORMADRAIN may withdraw their rights to install the No-Dig Technology until appropriate corrections are made.

Long Term Perspective:

The company’s strategic plan calls for world-wide expansion but in a progressive, controlled manner so that FORMADRAIN’s growth is never exceeded by the company’s ability to maintain quality standards and deliver top-of-the-line service to its Authorized Licensees Network, and to ensure that the same standard is passed on to the end users (customers).

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