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Here is why the FORMADRAIN® Steam Cured System is better

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Mike Kolakovic
Mike KolakovicMister Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga
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We did a lot of research prior to purchasing a lining system. And just the quality and the cure time on how quick everything is. I honestly believe it’s the best product on the market.
Reg Mulligan
Reg MulliganLining Liners Co.
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I just really liked the complete package that you get with FORMADRAIN. I like the fact that we can rehab larger diameters. So basically we do small to large diameter pipe. I like the diversity of that. If I’m gonna invest the money in a technology I want bang for my buck type thing so – that’s the biggest reason [we chose FORMADRAIN].
Bob Birnie
Bob BirnieThos. R. Birnie & Sons
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I’m glad we made the decision to go with FORMADRAIN. We looked at other products, we demo’d other products and tried them but we honestly feel that FORMADRAIN is a superior product. We’ve been very, very pleased with it.
JimLevine & Sons
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I’ve been a FORMADRAIN dealer for approximately 8 years. We wanted a truly no-dig product which FORMADRAIN is. We can re-line through a 4-inch cast iron clean out, a Y in a 45 and go right to the city main with zero digging, no breaking up the floor.
George Intile
George Intile
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We’ve been with FORMADRAIN for about I’m gonna say 5 or 6 years now. Sometimes it comes down to speed, you know. You can have the liner in and cook 45 minutes. You’re in and out. You know, ambient, could be 3-4 hours.


There are FORMADRAIN Licensees all over North America.

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