Lateral Relining & Spot Repair System
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Licensee Testimonials

We did a lot of research prior to purchasing a lining system. And just the quality and the cure time on how quick everything is. I honestly believe it’s the best product on the market.

Mike Kolakovic

Sometimes it comes down to speed, you know. You can have the liner in and cook 45 minutes. You’re in and out. You know, ambient, could be 3-4 hours.

George Intile

Also the support we get from the staff is second to none…and the service after the sale is where it’s at and I’m happy to be a FORMADRAIN dealer.

Jim, Levine & Sons

It definitely adds to your bottom line with cutting back on restoration costs. And you can basically replace or rehabilitate a 70-foot line – you know you could start by 7. By 2 o’clock you’re on your way home with a huge profit.

Mike Kolakovic

I just really liked the complete package that you get with FORMADRAIN. I like the fact that we can rehab larger diameters. So basically we do small to large diameter pipe. I like the diversity of that. If I’m gonna invest the money in a technology I want bang for my buck type thing so – that’s the biggest reason [we chose FORMADRAIN].

Reg Mulligan

We wanted a truly no-dig product which FORMADRAIN is. We can re-line through a 4-inch cast iron clean out, a Y in a 45 and go right to the city main with zero digging, no breaking up the floor.

Jim, Levine & Sons

I like the steam – it’s quick and it’s done with. You don’t have to wait there after. You cook it, we remove the hoses, everything, we pack the truck, we pull the bladder out and we’re done. I mean people can use their sewer – as soon as we shut the machine off they can use it.

A Licensee

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