Buffalo Bills Win Big with Formadrain

Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, NY
Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, NY

Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) technology allows engineers to rehabilitate broken or damaged pipes without having to use more destructive open cut methods. Take, for example, the case of the water main break at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York.

In late September of 2013, the main blew while the Buffalo Bills were playing a game against the Baltimore Ravens. Aggravating a difficult situation was the fact that the water main sent a stream of tile and gravel into the sewer pipe, causing even more damage.

The game – which the Bills won – went on, but the Erie County Health Department was forced to shut down the affected area immediately. Officials gave stadium managers a little over ten days to repair both the water main and sewer line and get both inspected and approved before the next game.

Tight schedule aside, engineers faced severe logistical challenges. Because the pipes were located near the stadium’s footing supports, they needed to first shore up those supports before digging. Not only would that have been expensive: it would also have taken more time – about six weeks – than was available.

Engineers then explored a Formadrain CIPP repair.

A video review of the sewer pipe revealed that doing a CIPP lining would repair the pipe and handle the damage.

Formadrain technicians, as soon as they received the green light, went ahead with the project.

The process took just six hours and saved the stadium hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and lost game revenue.

The quick repair allowed the Bills to play their next game on schedule.

Formadrain has perfected the CIPP repair method over twenty years. Our process is designed to save residential, commercial and industrial customers two precious resources: money and time. For pipe rehabilitation services you can count on, contact Formadrain, a winning team with a proven track record of excellence!

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