Join Us at the WWETT Show 2020

This year’s WWETT Show (Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport) is being held on February 17-20 at the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis.

The event features educational programs, live demos, and an extensive exhibition hall where all things WWETT can be seen.  Everything from TV inspection equipment to computer software will be on display.

FORMADRAIN is proud to be a WWETT Show exhibitor again this year.  We’re very excited to be able to show you our incomparable no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation.  You’ll find us at Booth 5811.

FORMADRAIN provides a durable, economical, and environmentally safe solution to many applications ranging in size from 2 inches to 48 inches diameters.  

FORMADRAIN liners are ideal for:

  • underground pipes (sewers, storm pipes, electrical conduits or other underground pipes, except potable water mains)
  • rainwater leaders
  • vents
  • sanitary columns
  • process piping
  • lateral lining
  • spot repairs
  • high pressure applications
  • lateral-main connections

FORMADRAIN liners are NSF 14 certified and ICC-ES certified (PMG-1203). The mechanical properties of the liners (flexion and tension) exceed ASTM F1216 minimums for flexion and tension by five times.  CATT performed 13,000-hour creep tests on FORMADRAIN from which a value of the long term (50 years) Modulus of Flexural Elasticity of FORMADRAIN Liner was determined.

FORMADRAIN liners have been used over many hundreds of miles in residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial applications.  The proprietary epoxy resins – Formapox 101®, Formapox 301®, and the revolutionary Durapox® – are steam-cured to ensure complete cure, every time, to a structurally sound and durable finish.  Because FORMADRAIN liners are made using bi-directionally woven fibreglass and installed with a specially-designed flexible mandrel, they will easily conform to the host pipe’s contours including transitions of up to two-inch increments, offsets, and elbows of up to 90°.

FORMADRAIN liners are installed across Canada and the U.S. by an ever-growing network of trained and fully supported licensees.

FORMADRAIN is also a Canadian and U.S. distributor of Picote products, offering an extensive range of high-speed drain cleaning, lateral cutting and other trenchless drain rehabilitation tools.

Please join us at the WWETT Show 2020 at Booth 5811.  We look forward to showing you all that the FORMADRAIN no-dig technology has to offer!

For more information about FORMADRAIN’s peerless no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation, please contact Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or or download our free info pack.