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Formadrain CIPP Solves Pipe Problems at the NASA Glenn Research Center

Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH
Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH

When it comes to repairs, the size and/or shape of pipes can make a huge difference. An example of this can be seen in the project that the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland undertook to rehabilitate an existing pipe system.

The GRC was established in 1942 as part of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). Later, it was incorporated into the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a laboratory for aircraft engine research. In 1999, it was renamed after Friendship 7 astronaut and former Ohio senator, John Glenn.

Officials were looking for a comprehensive solution to all their needs. But as it turned out, some of the pipes in the GRC system – about 8% – were not only smaller-sized. They also had small runs, elbow bends, and transitions. So the $50 million bid the Glenn Research Center issued was at once lucrative and problematic for contractors.

One of the bidding contractors that could fix everything but the small pipes decided to subcontract to a company that had the know-how to deal with smaller-diameter, awkwardly shaped pipes. As it happened, that company was a Formadrain licensee. Now both companies are poised to win the $50 million GRC contract.

The Formadrain process was well-suited to this project because it uses bi-directionally woven fiberglass spread with epoxy. The material can conform to many more different pipe sizes and shapes than standard tube linings. This includes situations of the kind found at the GRC, like the ones where pipes transition between sizes.

To accommodate 90-degree elbows, Formadrain uses special bladders in tandem with the fiberglass-epoxy materials, which leave no lip on the inner portion of elbow’s radius. It also leaves behind no excess material. Finished liners retain their thickness and strength regardless of the degree to which they are bent. Our steam cured process also guaranteed control over the curing process and, therefore, the quality of the finished product.

Formadrain has been an industry leader in cured-in-place-pipe technology for over 20 years. Our process can repair pipes between 2 and 48 inches in diameter and can be used for specialized – and challenging – repairs involving elbows, Y’s and tees.

For economical solutions to complex residential and commercial pipe rehabilitation projects, think Formadrain!

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