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It’s a fact: pipe repair methods that involve open cut methods aren’t always right for every situation. This holds especially true when the pipes involved run beneath the surface of buildings and/or other populated areas.

Take for example, the situation that SUNY New Paltz University officials had to face a few years ago. One of the campus dormitories had pipe blockage problems so severe that the question wasn’t if the pipe would break but when. Officials feared that if the blockage were not handled immediately, the break could happen during the busy school year ahead.

The pipe was located 30 feet beneath the dormitory building and ran under common ground for 25 feet. Moreover, the pipe itself changed size — from 4 to 6 inches — and had several bends and elbows.

Open cut methods would have forced the university to lift the dormitory up from its foundations and meet strict OSHA safety requirements. The whole process would have been both time-consuming and expensive while also posing high levels of personal risk to students.

University officials further demanded that if the CIPP method were used, pipe liners contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and no toxic odors. This is because a VOC solution would have necessitated closing the dormitory on a crowded campus already struggling to accommodate all its enrollees.

In the end — and despite the lack of precedent within the SUNY system for using the CIPP process — SUNY Paltz officials chose Formadrain for its demonstrated success in handling pipes with size transitions and bends. They also decided to use the process because it contained none of the VOCs officials were concerned would harm students and staff.

Best of all, engineers were able to get all repairs done within four hours. Most individuals in the affected dormitory remained unaware that rehabilitation work was going on. Operations went so smoothly, in fact, that the SUNY system decided to approve the Formadrain process for future pipe repair work on all SUNY campuses.

Formadrain has been an industry leader for more than 20 years. Our company excels in lining pipes that require specialized attention, either because of where they’re located or how they’re constructed or both. For residential and commercial pipe lining challenges of all kinds, think Formadrain!

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