City of Toledo Approves Formadrain for Laterals

Repairing aging and/or damaged pipes using the cured-in-place process (CIPP) is a great alternative to traditional open-cut methods. As city officials in Toledo recently discovered, it can also be a more environmentally friendly choice as well.

One hundred homes in a Toledo residential district were having difficulties with the lateral connections, particularly during rainstorms. City officials knew that the problem was one they could not ignore. The longer they put off repairs, the worse off the homeowners would be.

After debating the issue, they decided that lining the damaged pipes was the best and cheapest option. But the more officials looked into it, the more they realized that their solution had a problem.

The styrene/felt liners that they wanted project engineers to use released small amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. The method would have been acceptable had only one or two laterals been involved because the odors emitted would only have affected the respective homeowners.

But with 100 homes affected, the number of laterals needing repair would have negatively impacted too many individuals than city officials believed was acceptable. Worse still, the levels of VOCs in the washout would have risen to levels that could risk public health.

The city then decided that it would only accept bids that could demonstrate a pipe lining solution safe for both citizens and the environment. In the end, they accepted two systems. One was Formadrain, which officials chose because it was economical, durable, easy to install and used non-VOC resins as part of the process.

Formadrain has perfected the CIPP repair method over more than twenty years. Our patented pipe lining process is designed with the needs of both clients and the environment in mind. For pipe rehabilitation services that go beyond expectations and spare the earth, contact Formadrain today!

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