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Durapox – The Miracle of 60 days of Open Time

Durapox is our latest development. Our Durapox liners have 60 days of open time with all the features of our Formapox 101 liner due to the development of our miracle Durapox resin. The liner is bright green in colour.

Our Durapox liners now make it possible for licensees to be able to order the exact liner they need directly from us and we then prep and ship it to them. No need for messy wet-outs, no need for large spaces for prepping.

Our Durapox steam cured epoxy liner can sit 60 DAYS without curing and can be installed on the installer’s schedule, not the working time of the liner.

Once the Durapox liner is inserted, it is steam cured in 90 minutes. The entire job can take just 4-5 hours.

It is also environmentally friendly (No VOC’s), safe for underground utilities, and is watertight repair.

Durapox is NSF 14 certified.

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