Lateral Relining & Spot Repair System
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Easy Multi-Diameter Transitions

Insertion of the liner

The FORMADRAIN repair is composed of bi-directionally woven fibreglass spread with epoxy. Therefore, since it’s not a tube, it can conform to different sizes and shapes.

This allows us to line perfectly a pipe that will go from 4 inches in diameter to 6 inches, 6 to 8, 8 to 10, etc. A lot of these 4 to 6 transitions are found in house laterals, where a 4 inch cast iron will fall into a 6 inch clay, cast iron, no-corrode (Orangeburg) or cement pipe.

Nobody else in the industry can line that transition without knowing where it is down the line and go through extensive stitching that need extreme precision. That is a big advantage since bonding to the pipe is critical as far as mechanical resistance over time.

FORMADRAIN will also conform better to certain offsets. Pipes are built in sections, and therefore they can move over time and open joints can be the cause of root intrusion. These offsets can be a challenge to line in a perfectly round repair since a tube has a predetermined size and the offset causes a restriction in pipe diameter. FORMADRAIN will conform to these smoothly, without any bumps on the road.

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