Lateral-Main-Connections® (LMC®) are a must in today’s lining business. It is a requirement now for a lot of municipalities. A lot of contractors and municipalities ask for this kind of technology.

LMC technology
LMC technology was used on the laterals and Y connections

With the same system, just different materials, a T or Y connection can be made: The Formadrain LMC.

Using the same resin and fibreglass that’s proven, still steam cured, we can line a connection that features a “full main wrap”, providing watertightness and structural integrity it needs. Sizes may vary from a 6’’ (150 mm) main combined with a 4’’ (100 mm) lateral, up to a 24’’ (600 mm) main combined with a 8’’ (200 mm) lateral.

Applications vary to the standard municipal connection to industrial connections in plants, as well as a shared connection between residential buildings.

Pulled-in-place with the help of three access points, it requires no excavation at all. Everything is made through existing cleanouts and manholes.