The Formadrain Technology is GREEN. Extremely conscious of its environment, the Formadrain technology uses no volatile compounds and is in total respect of every ecological principle.

Styrene is the new “public enemy number one” in many industries. Known as a volatile compound with a strong smell, it has been labeled as a potential carcinogen.

In the lining business, it is used in polyester resins.

Formadrain uses epoxy resin and has done so since 1994. It contains no styrene or any other volatile compound. There is no strong smell, no health concerns.

Some ambient processes with incomplete cure can discharge styrene in wastewater. Even though epoxy does not discharge any compounds, our steam cure is another guarantee that the cure is complete and therefore the liner is health friendly.

It is approved NSF 14 for Sewers/Drains and ICC-ES for plumbing codes compliance.