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Service and Support

FORMADRAIN’s guiding principle on service and support rule is simple: do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are happy and our licensees are successful.

To ensure that success, we provide thorough training to all our licensees. They have all the technical support they require in the form of a manual and access to our expertise and experience.

FORMADRAIN can count on a network of more than 50 fully trained Authorized Licensees across North America, still expanding. Each Licensee has been trained by FORMADRAIN in-house engineers doing on-site real jobs on their own respective local area.

FORMADRAIN’s philosophy is to make sure our contractors are well supported even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away. We have an 8am to 8pm ET hotline for technical and/or marketing support and for specific or challenging projects we may even fly or drive to the contractor’s facilities to ensure a successful project.

The bottom line is that with FORMADRAIN you’re never “on your own.” When you join our organization, you become part of the FORMADRAIN family and we do all we can to ensure your success and profitability.

Service and support
FORMADRAIN offers numerous support services: from reviewing video footage to a phone hotline to even flying to the contractor's job site if necessary.

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