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No Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC Free


From its very beginning, FORMADRAIN has kept its responsibility for environmental stewardship firmly in mind.  That’s why the FORMADRAIN system was designed to be entirely ecologically protective.

FORMADRAIN liners were engineered to safeguard the environment:

  • Zero VOCs

The epoxy resins are entirely free of Volatile Organic Compounds.   There are no strong odors, and no health concerns for installers or for inhabitants of the installation site.  The steam curing of FORMADRAIN liners assures that the cure is always complete.

  • Non-Disruptive to the Environment

FORMADRAIN is a true no-dig system, eliminating the need to demolish pavement, trees, or landscaping.  Installation of FORMADRAIN liners does not create dust or excessive noise. It is also risk-free for other buried infrastructure.

  • Energy Efficient

Because no earthmoving equipment is needed with the FORMADRAIN no-dig system, and the complete installation takes only 3-4 hours, fuel consumption to complete a lining installation is minimal.

  • Certified

FORMADRAIN liners are NSF 14 approved for sewers and drains and ICC-ES for plumbing code compliance.

FORMADRAIN is an environmentally safe solution for the rehabilitation of sewers and laterals.

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