Lateral Relining & Spot Repair System
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Our Proven FORMADRAIN CIPP System is an Excellent Choice for Municipalities

Our special steam curing system means that a new pipe can be cured in less than 45 minutes and ready to use. Other systems can literally take hours or days before the curing process is finished, as they are dependent on the temperature in the environment. Our steam cured system also means higher quality control.

Some companies are going to suggest lining the whole pipe without offering the option of a spot repair inserted at the right place. Some situations will require manhole-to-manhole lining, but a comprehensive understanding of the problem could point to a spot repair and save thousands.

Unlike felt liners, the fiberglass/epoxy composite is going to make the repair thinner and taper, so the spot-liner does not become an obstruction to the flow, because the edges are smooth.

Spot repair can save municipalities like yours a lot of time and money.

Municipality pipe repair
Cities need the best possible solution for repairing underground pipes. That's the FORMADRAIN System.

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