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Homeowners…Never Dig Again to Repair Underground Pipes: Here’s the 100% Green Solution!

Historically, as a homeowner having a blocked or broken sewer pipe, the only way to resolve the problem was by digging a huge trench to access the damaged pipes. This usually involved ripping up trees, shrubs, flowers and even concrete. But now, trenchless technology can avoid these kinds of messy scenarios and save you money.

Before anything is repaired or replaced, an Authorized Licensee assesses the problem through video inspection. He inserts a small camera into your pipes which helps him pinpoint the exact location of the leak or block and determine the extent of it.

Depending on his findings, the technician may suggest lining the pipe. The FORMADRAIN process uses a fiberglass/epoxy composite material that is inserted directly into the existing pipe. The liner will protect from root intrusion and water infiltration for more than 50 years.

A water or sewer line problem requires immediate attention. If you notice any problems, consult a qualified plumber or contractor to arrange a video inspection: your pipes won’t wait.

Don't let your home sweet home become a soggy mess with broken pipes. Call FORMADRAIN.

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