Laterals : Municipaliites’ latest concern

The same pipe, now lined with the Formadrain system
A pipe lined with the Formadrain fiberglass epoxy liner.

As municipalities grapple with older infrastructures, one of the problems coming to light is that, with the lining of many old and damaged mains with trenchless technologies, the laterals of those pipes are now becoming more susceptible to intrusion and infiltration and needing fast repair themselves.

This situation is occurring for several reasons.

First, since those mains are no longer leaking, the water table is rising to its normal level and finding broken or cracked laterals or lateral connections. The additional volumes of unnecessary water leeching into the waste water system is raising the cost of water treatment for municipalities. It is the problem they thought they would solve in lining the mains. Secondly, as mains have become impenetrable, tree roots are seeking other sources of water and lateral intrusion has become a growing problem.

However, a complication to the repair of these laterals is legal, not technical. Under most municipal by-laws in North America, laterals belong to homeowners who are responsible for their maintenance and repair. Mains have been the primary concern of municipal governments.

But with lateral deterioration causing such problems, many municipalities have been taking responsibility for repairing laterals from the main to the homeowner’s property line and offering inducements for the homeowner to repair their section at the same time.

Formadrain was involved in one such project that called for the repair of 60 laterals in Shawinigan, QC and was reported about in Trenchless Technology Online.

The project had a number of complications since there was no exterior cleanout access and appointments had to be made with each homeowner. The repair of all laterals took three months and ten of the homeowners decided to also do their section of the pipe.

A large factor in the success of the project came from the use of our Durapox resin in the lining process. Durapox has a pot life of 60 days. Therefore there was no need for refrigerated trucks carrying impregnated liners. It could all be done on site without rush and time limitations, saving time and money.

The lining of laterals by municipalities represents another large opportunity for contractors using trenchless technologies like Formadrain’s steam-cured, fiberglass and epoxy system.

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