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New CIPP Project in Minnesota to Rescue Aging Sewer System

Steam curing the liner
Formadrain system steam curing the CIPP liner

The residents of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, will soon be able to breathe a little easier. City officials have recently given the green light to a much-needed restoration project that will repair leaky sewer pipes under three neighborhoods – Oak Hill, Cedar Manor and Lenox.

Like so many other cities across North America, St. Louis Park sits atop infrastructure that is deteriorating as a result of age and wear. Mindful of the disruptive impact open trench methods have on the urban environments, officials decided to use cured-in-place pipe technology for the rehabilitation.

Preparations began last March when contractors performed preliminary work cleaning the sewer pipe. Repairs are underway.

Because engineers do not have to dig up streets to get to the pipes, they will be able to focus on the repairs and get them done more quickly than traditional methods would have allowed. Better still, they will be able to eliminate tree loss and the disturbance of residential landscapes all while avoiding long-term traffic inconveniences.

City officials, meanwhile, are celebrating the cost effectiveness of their choice. Not only will St. Louis Park save money, so will city residents. It’s a win-win for everyone all the way around.

At Formadrain, we have been an industry leader in CIPP technology for 20 years. Our CIPP system is economical and durable and can be used for a variety of applications, including underground pipes, rainwater leaders, vents, sanitary columns and process piping. When performance counts, contact us!

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