Why Contractors Choose Formadrain

Homeowners, municipalities, and industries have been turning to no-dig solutions to rehabilitate damaged underground laterals and sewers, and with good reason.  Trenchless repair of pipes: Is Environmentally-Friendly. With no-dig technology, there is no need to tear up pavement, lawns, trees … Read More

Formadrain to Showcase in Calgary

The NASTT (North American Society for Trenchless Technology) is a non-profit organization that represents those who have an interest in the many utilitarian and environmental benefits of trenchless technology. Its members come from a wide range of public organizations and … Read More

When “The Impossible” Happens

Laval, Quebec is a thriving city just to the north of Montreal. Home to businesses in the technology, pharmaceutical, industrial and retail sectors, it is also a robust educational and recreational centre with vocational institutes, college and universities. Residential neighbourhoods … Read More


Whether for manhole-to-manhole applications, laterals or spot repairs, Formadrain resins are the gold standard. It’s no secret that Formadrain’s unique resins are industry leaders.  The evolution of the different proprietary specialized resins — Formapox 101, Formapox 301, and Durapox – … Read More

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