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Stephane Therrien, P. Eng.

Stephane Therrien, the President of FORMADRAIN Inc., is a civil engineer specializing in structure and construction.  

Stephane joined the Drainamar Group in 1994, performing a variety of tasks including project management, technical speaking, and sales.  At that time, FORMADRAIN was just starting up and Stephane soon became fascinated by the technology and its potential, and enthusiastically delved into the research and development of the FORMADRAIN system.  Stephane was so impressed with the FORMADRAIN system that he partnered with Gerard Marc-Aurele in 1999. And never looked back.  

Drawing on his own and Gerard’s experience and on his engineering background, Stephane literally wrote the book on the FORMADRAIN system and procedures, and continues to oversee research and development of new products.

In addition to being a trainer in the FORMADRAIN system, Stephane is responsible for many of the improvements and innovations that have significantly advanced the field of no-dig technology.

Carl Marc-Aurèle, P. Eng.

Carl Marc-Aurele, FORMADRAIN Inc’s Vice President, attended the University of Montreal Polytechnic Engineering School where he earned his degree in Chemical Engineering, specializing in polymers.  

He joined FORMADRAIN Inc. in 2009 and thoroughly learned the unique FORMADRAIN method in very much a hands-on approach.  In Carl’s words, “I had to learn everything from the start.  The first year and a half I was on the crews installing FORMADRAIN.  I learned everything from the bottom up so that if anyone asked me to do anything, I could do it”.

Carl shares Stephane’s passion for licensee support.  Carl will often attend FORMADRAIN installations to train a new licensee or where a licensee has asked for help with an unusual project.  Detail-oriented and solution focused, he is always ready to lend a hand with design, quotation preparation, product recommendations, technical advice, or anything else a licensee might need.

Carl is a driving force in the ongoing development of new products, some of which are currently in development and testing.  Carl has no doubt that we will continue to see industry-disruptive technology from FORMADRAIN “this is what we do; this is what we’re all about”.

Bruce Stevenson

Bruce is FORMADRAIN’s Business Development Manager and oversees the growth of the licensee network across Canada and the US.  Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the FORMADRAIN system and all of its components, Bruce loves to show contractors how FORMADRAIN can help them to expand their business and enhance their profits.

FORMADRAIN’s operating basis of caring for their licensees coincides beautifully with Bruce’s own philosophy of customer service.  “FORMADRAIN provides the very best of customer support, and that’s huge.  That’s what makes the company and that’s what makes the brand. The objective is that the licensee is successful.  That’s what we want.”

Bruce enjoys talking to his licensees and getting to know them.  He loves to take the truck and trailer to visit his customers. He spends much of his time on the road with both existing and prospective licensees, and will often go to job sites with them to lend his support on installations.

Ranguel Lalev

Ranguel, the Plant Manager, has been the mainstay of the nuts and bolts of the operation keeping the shop, the storage, and the building itself at peak efficiency for many years.  He superintends the fulfilling of the orders, making very sure that licensees receive what they need when they need it.  

Ranguel is also the resident expert on the FORMADRAIN trailers and equipment; he’s the go-to guy for any equipment questions or troubleshooting.

Hamza Alouane

No stranger to the field of drainage, Hamza came to FORMADRAIN with his Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Ecole de technologie superieure in Montreal (ETS) after successful completion of his project related to the life extension of cathodes and anodes used in the electrochemical removal of nitrate from waste water.  

Eager to learn the FORMADRAIN technology inside and out, Hamza spent almost a year working on installation crews in order to qualify as a trainer for new licensees, a part of his job that he thoroughly enjoysIn addition to his role of trainer, Hamza also provides technical support to licensees and is a Project Manager for our local operations

Sandra Palma

Sandra is FORMADRAIN’s Director of Accounting.  Coming to FORMADRAIN from Drainamar, Sandra was there at the beginning and has been managing the office ever since.

In addition to Sandra’s education in accounting and administration from HEC Montreal, she is very experienced and skilled at making an office run smoothly.  In the same way that FORMADRAIN’s tech support group will speedily answer a licensee’s technical questions, Sandra makes sure that any accounting questions are quickly resolved.

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