Bilingual Trainer/Technician

Business description:

Based in Montreal, FORMADRAIN is a corporation specialised in No-Dig technologies for building drains and municipal sewers.  FORMADRAIN is expanding and benefit from a very INNOVATIVE Technology developed in 1994, which is owned by FORMADRAIN Inc.  FORMADRAIN® Technology was approved everywhere an approval was requested for lateral lining: Michigan, Toronto, Alberta, Regina, Hamilton, Ottawa and much more… FORMADRAIN® also have in hand   International approvals such as: NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and ICC-ES.  Finally, FORMADRAIN® is a green technology which leaves intact environment where the underground pipe is fixed, this 100% No-Dig. FORMADRAIN® Trade Mark is registered in 30 countries.  Finally to assure its expansion and maintain its #1 position in lateral Lining,  FORMADRAIN must hire qualified people at all levels.

Your Mission:

Master the FORMADRAIN Technology to become a skilled trainer and supply technical support to the FORMADRAIN Network, which counts more than 50 FORMADRAIN certified installers in North America.

Secondly, be involved in various spheres of activity, such as: R & D projects in cooperation with a Dynamic Engineer team, assisting sales by doing Demos on the road for potential customers and others in the goal to maintain FORMADRAIN as a leader in lateral Lining.

Tasks and responsibilities for the first period (6 month up to 1 year):

– Intensive onsite training with our FORMADRAIN installation crew and also with our drain cleaning crews.
– Acquire sufficient knowledge to master the FORMADRAIN Technology.
– Assist engineers for technical support.
– Assist the R& D engineering team.
– Assist to daily shop activities: Mandrel assembling and Equipment construction.
– Participate to several activities to get familiar with FORMADRAIN activities.

Tasks and responsibilities following the training period:

– Train some new installers which acquired the FORMADRAIN Lining
– Technology, this Task/responsibility is generally achieved at Installer work place located within North America.
– Supply Technical support to the FORMADRAIN Installer network.
– Assist sales, participate to shows convention, do demos.
– Participate to R & D Projects.
– Produce R & D reports.
– Assist to committees

Required qualifications:

– Must speak fluently English (customers are mostly English speaking)
– Minimum software knowledge: Excel, Word et Power Point.
– By handy to achieve onsite training on lining jobs and some other R & D activities.
– Have in hand a College technical diploma or greater
– Have in hand a valid passport
– Have in hand a valid class 5 driver’s license
– Like to travel (Once trained expect 1 trip / month)
– Be technical, like to troubleshoot, be a problem solver and be R & D minded


– Benefit from working in a small company, which allow flexibility, no heavy structure
– Supplied Lap top and mobile phone
– Rewarding work, become an expert in No-Dig field
– Diversified tasks, trips
– Competitive income
– Group Insurance
– Dynamic team
– Company in expansion