FORMADRAIN is a tested and time-proven solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal pipe rehabilitation projects.



Spot repairs

Transitions from one diameter upsize


Ys, Ts and lateral-main-connections (LMC®)


Homeowners: Never dig again to repair underground pipes! Here’s a 100% green solution.

Historically, homeowners who had a blocked or broken sewer pipe could only resolve the problem by digging a huge trench to access the damaged pipes. This usually involved ripping up trees, shrubs, flowers and even concrete. But now, trenchless technology can avoid these kinds of messy scenarios and save you money.

Before anything is repaired or replaced, a licensed installer assesses the problem through video inspection. They insert a small camera into your pipes which helps them pinpoint the exact location of the leak or block and determine the extent of it.

Depending on their findings, the technician may suggest lining the pipe. The FORMADRAIN process uses a fiberglass/epoxy composite material that is inserted directly into the existing pipe. The liner will protect from root intrusion and water infiltration for more than 50 years.

Watch how a sewer is repaired with FORMADRAIN.


Our proven FORMADRAIN CIPP system is an excellent choice for municipalities.

Our special steam-curing system means that a new pipe can be cured and ready to use in approximately 45 minutes. Other systems can literally take hours or days before the curing process is finished, as they are dependent on the temperature in the environment. Our steam-cured system also means higher quality control.

Some companies are going to suggest lining the whole pipe without offering the option of a spot repair inserted at the right place. Some situations will require manhole-to-manhole lining, but a comprehensive understanding of the problem could point to a spot repair and save thousands of dollars.

Unlike felt liners, the fiberglass/epoxy composite will make the repair thinner and taper: the spot liner will not become an obstruction to the flow because the edges are smooth.

Spot repairs can save municipalities just like yours a lot of time and money.

Our technology is used in all provinces/states, cities and municipalities where liners are permitted, including Toronto (approved by the Building Materials Evaluation Commission –BMEC – for the entire province of Ontario), Regina, Montreal, Chicago, Boston and its suburbs, Michigan, etc.


FORMADRAIN is the most versatile CIPP system around, providing fast cures and limited disruptions to your business regardless of the challenge it represents.

Conventional methods for commercial pipe repair projects can be a pain. It can take 2-3 days and mobilize a lot of space to get the job done, which means businesses oftentimes have to close, losing much-needed sales. What’s more, it can be much more expensive and costly, especially if you’re on a busy street or main artery.

With FORMADRAIN’s trenchless CIPP solutions, you eliminate all the headaches. Imagine keeping your business open and benefiting from a job that takes 3-4 hours and requires minimal amount of space to get the job done. Take advantage of maximum versatility as our technology can be adapted to bends, fittings, size transitions and bigger pipes. Think: 8 inches (200 mm) to 12 inches (300 mm). FORMADRAIN can even work on sub-6-inch pipes. All of this without any additional equipment.

Own a restaurant? No problem. Did you know that our Formapox 301 is one of the only liners that can withstand sewage generated by a restaurant? You got it: If your sewage contains commercial-strength cleaning products or very hot water, we’ve got you covered.


FORMADRAIN is the top-rated choice for industrial rehabilitation projects.

FORMADRAIN has developed a special resin for industrial applications: Formapox 301. This extraordinary resin will resist almost any acid and can be used in basic liquids (e.g., caustic) and high-temperature fluids (250°F/120°C) for various industries.

Most liners will not support process piping repairs. FORMADRAIN is the only system that can provide such a product. We can line in chemical plants and refineries. Process water pipes are usually the ones that are degraded, because the chemical content was neglected in the design of the plant. Therefore, many years later, plant managers need to assess the problem.

Our tested resin resists to both alkaline and acid products. Every standard FORMADRAIN repair (lateral, spot repair, lateral-main-connections [LMC®]) can be used with this special resin. The rest of the process is the same: same equipment, same preparation, same bulletproof system.



Don’t only take our word for it. Explore some of our latest case studies that put to the proof our technology and know-how.