Ditch the digging

Formadrain: Mitigating the impact of a reduced resin supply

(text): Formadrain’s no-dig technology is the foundation of our steam-cured epoxy and fiberglass solutions that are pulled or pushed through existing pipes. All of our proprietary, specially formulated epoxies are developed for specific applications and suitable for all types of lateral, lateral-main-connection (LMC®), spot and process piping repairs. 

Current challenges in the epoxy resin market

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic and other economic factors, the global resin market is facing significant challenges that are preventing it from addressing exceptionally strong demand, such as:

  • Reduced availability of raw materials
  • Restricted/halted production and shipping delays
  • Labor shortage
  • Last year’s inclement weather exacerbating order backlogs

So how do these supply chain issues affect Formadrain?