FORMADRAIN, Braving the Storm

FORMADRAIN® is the most versatile pipe lining technology, also known as cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, on the market. Our network of more than 60 installers takes advantage of this flexibility to tackle projects of all kinds, whether it’s at Mr. and Mrs. Jones’s place, on the streets of North America’s largest cities, or in plants of all sizes.

You might wonder if this is a seasonal thing. Not at all! FORMADRAIN® can be installed 365 days a year. After all, a technology used throughout North America must be able to withstand the elements! Fortunately, our system, designed in a 4-season climate, covers all scenarios, from the oppressive heat and humidity of Louisiana, to the harsh winter of the Canadian Northwest, to the cold November rain.

For over 25 years, our steam curing process has allowed our product to have a much longer pot life than the industry standard. It also produces high-quality liners, no matter the weather.

  • You don’t need a different resin for each climate: FORMADRAIN® formulations all have a pot life between 3 hours and 60 days, even in the hot summer sun of the Southern United States, and can be used in any heat, even above 35 °C (100 °F).
  • And what about the other extreme, north of the 50th parallel? No problem! Our authorized licensees in Western Canada successfully install our products down to -25 °C (-15 °F). Steam ensures even and 100% complete curing for every installation, even on a snowy day!
  • What if you’re in Florida and worried about sudden heavy rainfall? FORMADRAIN® has you covered! In fact, it was a similar weather event—an incident involving routine excavation work and a sudden downpour—that sparked the idea for our technology, over 40 years ago. Our 45-minute curing time reduces the potential for backflow without having to pump water elsewhere. That prevents major damage! The steam’s energy ensures 100% curing even in the presence of water. In extreme cases, you can even let some of the water pass through and continue the curing process without resin washout, which isn’t possible with any other system on the market without compromising the structure of the product. This is one FORMADRAIN®’s unique features.

From San Diego, California, to Prince George, British Columbia, to upstate New York, FORMADRAIN® is the next step in growing your business. It allows you to work year-round and avoid seasonality in your other services, while providing consistent income and increased sales.

No matter what storm you face, FORMADRAIN® technology will be there to help you get your toughest projects done in the shortest time possible, with the best product on the market.