FORMADRAIN is thrilled to announce the launch of the Durapox 501, a two-part CIPP steam-cured resin with a 60-day open time!

After feedback from our licensed installers, FORMADRAIN developed this innovative resin to give professionals total control and flexibility over each project’s work schedules.

It features all the high-performance mechanical properties and cure times (60 to 120 minutes) of the Durapox; however, because it is delivered in two parts, installers can mix the resin with the active ingredients only when they are ready to carry out a project! The resin remains fresh and drips less once it is applied. It is ideal for planning projects way in advance as well as faraway jobs, which means licensed installers can take on extra work and run a more profitable business!

“FORMADRAIN’s licensed installers are at the heart of our R&D,” explained M. Stephane Therrien, President of FORMADRAIN’s. “Their product ideas and business challenges drive our product development. The Durapox 501 is just one of our latest innovations and means to support our thriving network.”

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