When “The Impossible” Happens

Extremely colorful classic restored house with beautiful landscaping in a rural city.

Laval, Quebec is a thriving city just to the north of Montreal. Home to businesses in the technology, pharmaceutical, industrial and retail sectors, it is also a robust educational and recreational centre with vocational institutes, college and universities. Residential neighbourhoods abound with beautifully kept houses sporting manicured lawns and attractive interlock and shrubbery.

The owner of one such house needed to have their lateral lined. But this was no ordinary, routine job. Inspection of the pipe revealed that there was a severe break in the line that had become a large hole. A piece of the old pipe had come loose and was sitting in the bottom of the pipe. To make matters worse, the break was in the city’s portion of the lateral, under the road. 

One solution was to remove the broken piece and immediately line, and that would have worked. Formadrain’s unique liners are structurally sound, so they will easily withstand any stress that the ground can put on them, even in sections where there is no host pipe.

But the Formadrain crew decided to repair the hole first. 

The question was how best to do that. One approach would have been to determine the exact location of the break and then excavate to remove the broken piece. That method would have meant digging up the asphalt, with all of the disruption and expense that entails. 

Instead, one of the crew members did “the impossible” – he was actually able to place the cutters of the cable machine under the broken-off piece and put it back in place! The liner was then pulled in place and cured with Formadrain’s revolutionary steam curing process. 

See the results of achieving “the impossible” in these before and after videos.


The entire job, from inspection to cleaning to repairing the broken piece to lining to curing all took less than a day. And all with no digging, no disruption, and no mess!

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