When Water is the Enemy⁠—The Dangers of Water Infiltration into Laterals

Laterals can and will deteriorate over time, allowing root intrusion and infiltration of groundwater into the sewage system.  Sometimes, the groundwater enters through cracks in the lateral but even more often, roots and groundwater enter the pipe through open joints.  This groundwater is sometimes referred to as “clear water” (even though it may be dirty) to differentiate it from household sewage.  

Clear water infiltration into in a house lateral spells trouble for the homeowner and for the municipality.  The extra water that seeps into the laterals can contribute to SSOs (sanitary sewer overflows) that burden municipal wastewater collection and treatment facilities.  Too much clear water in the sanitary sewer can also cause sewer backups and basement flooding, particularly during periods of heavy rain.

Compounded Damage

Clearly, open joints and cracked or broken pipes are not “self-healing” and small breaches can quickly become major ruptures.  

This issue is gaining increasing prominence as infrastructures age.  A number of municipalities in Canada and the US have instituted bylaws that require homeowners to inspect and maintain their laterals.  

But whether government-mandated or not, faults in laterals should be addressed quickly and effectively.

A Proven Alternative

Rather than dig up the old pipe and replace it with a new one, the better alternative is to take advantage of Formadrain’s advanced no-dig technology: 

  • As the first step, an authorized Formadrain licensee assesses the problem through video inspection. 
  • He inserts a small camera into the lateral which helps him pinpoint the exact location of the leak and determine the extent of it.  
  • A made-to-measure fiberglass and epoxy resin liner is prepared and then pulled into place in the damaged pipe where it is steam cured.  
  • Steam curing allows for unvarying quality control during the installation process.  
  • Most Formadrain liner installations are completed in under half a day.  
  • The result is a smooth, structurally sound finish that will protect the lateral from root intrusion and water infiltration for more than 50 years.

Proven Technology

Formadrain liners are NSF 14 certified as well as ICC-ES certified (PMG-1203) and the liner’s mechanical properties (flexion and tension) exceed the minimum standards of ASTM F1216 by five times.  Formadrain liners are VOC-free and environmentally friendly.

For a compelling demonstration of how effectively a Formadrain liner will resolve water intrusion, watch our before and after video:

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