Why Contractors Choose FORMADRAIN

Homeowners, municipalities, and industries have been turning to no-dig solutions to rehabilitate damaged underground laterals and sewers, and with good reason. 

Trenchless repair of pipes:

  1. Is Environmentally-Friendly. With no-dig technology, there is no need to tear up pavement, lawns, trees and landscaping. Because no heavy earthmoving equipment is used, fuel consumption is minimal.
  2. Does Not Create Excessive Noise and Dust. Trenching requires the use of noisy and cumbersome earthmoving equipment such as jackhammers, excavators and backhoes. These machines can create noise levels of 80 dB or more. Trenchless technology creates much lower noise levels and for much shorter periods of time.
  3. Is Non-Disruptive. No-dig rehabilitation eliminates the need for detour routes for vehicles and pedestrians so there is minimal to no disruptions of vehicular and foot traffic.
  4. Takes a Fraction of Time. CIPP methods of pipe rehabilitation eliminate time spent on digging, earthmoving, and restoration of the affected area.
  5. Poses No Safety Hazards. Because trenches are not dug, there is no danger of cave-in or collapse of trench walls and no danger of flooding of the excavated area.

All no-dig systems are trenchless, but not all trenchless systems are no-dig. With the FORMADRAIN system, lateral repairs, lateral-main-connection repairs, spot repairs, and process pipe repairs can all be performed with NO digging.

The FORMADRAIN fiberglass and epoxy liners provide a strong, seamless, and structurally sound finish.

Dozens of FORMADRAIN licensees across Canada enjoy all the benefits of FORMADRAIN liners for their residential, industrial, and municipal customers:

  • Steam Cured Since 1994 Steam curing ensures the controlled cure of the liner in 45 – 120 minutes, depending on the resin used, regardless of the ambient temperature or weather conditions.
  • Durability and Strength FORMADRAIN liners are NSF 14 certified and ICC-ES certified (PMG-1203). The liners exceed ASTM F1216 minimums for flexion and tension by five times.
  • Service and Support FORMADRAIN prides itself on the outstanding service and support provided to licensees through on-the-job training, help with design, and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm telephone support.
  • Easy Multi-Diameter Transitions FORMADRAIN liners conform to the size and shape of the host pipe, allowing for perfect multi-diameter transitions.
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC Free FORMADRAIN’s epoxy resins contain zero volatile organic compounds. It is a green product.
  • Elbows FORMADRAIN standard liners will easily negotiate bends up to 45 degrees. With a specially-designed mandrel, FORMADRAIN liners can also accommodate 90 degree elbows. The elbows lined with a FORMADRAIN liner will have no lip or excess material.
  • LMC, Y’s and tees FORMADRAIN is ideal for seamless T and Y connections.

FORMADRAIN is a true no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation providing a durable, structurally sound finish. Every time.

To find out more about the FORMADRAIN no-dig pipe rehabilitation system, call Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or email Bruce@formadrain.com or download our free info pack.