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Our History

A Dream Come True

In 1969, Mr. Gerard Marc-Aurèle founded Drain-Care®, a drain cleaning company in Montreal, QC. Diversifying and expanding into sewer cleaning, inspecting and rehabilitation under the Drainamar® Group, he founded FORMADRAIN Inc. in 1994 to develop and export the best structural lateral sewer lining system after a mishap on an excavation job in the 1980’s.

He said to himself there had to be a way to repair these laterals without having to dig under all the other infrastructure and avoid all that mess and complications. It was his dream.

This is how FORMADRAIN® came to life.

Having developed industry-leading processes and tools, he made sure FORMADRAIN® was no exception. Pioneering steam-cured fiberglass and epoxy composites as early as 1994, he was way ahead of the curve.

After the Drainamar Group was sold to other interests, he kept the FORMADRAIN division under his belt and partnered with Mr. Stephane Therrien and they both kept the business expanding ever since in the USA and Canada.

Through their dedication and hard work, our products evolved, were perfected, were diversified with resins for industrial applications and with extreme shelf-life, always with the same goal in mind: Provide our customers with the best lining product as well as the best service possible through on-site training and technical support.

Gerard Marc Aurele Formadrain
Mr. Gerard Marc-Aurèle, Founder

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