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Picote Products

FORMADRAIN is a Canadian and U.S. distributor of the premier line of lateral cutters from the Finnish company Picote. Picote, like FORMADRAIN, has long been an innovator in its field, and now has an extensive line of powerful products which are simple and effective.

FORMADRAIN sells all Picote machines and accessories, including:

  • The Miller range of drain cleaning machines
  • Lateral cutters like the Smart Cutter™ and Twister
  • Drain cleaning grinding chains
  • Pipe coating tools
  • And all the products seen on the Picote website.

The Miller Range

Whether you need the Mini Miller, Midi Miller, Maxi Miller or even the Maxi Miller Power Plus for really tough jobs, we can provide you with the ideal machine for powerful, efficient drain cleaning and reinstating.

THE Solutions for Lateral Reinstatement and Drain Cleaning

If you’re looking to do a lateral reinstatement (reconnect pipes on a branch), the Picote line of products and accessories are the ideal choice.

Whether it’s the Twister to smoothly work on PVC pipe or the Smart Cutter for cutting and sanding to completely reinstate, FORMADRAIN can set you up with the right tool for the job.

The Twister

The Twister Mini has been designed for re-instating connections in DN50 / 2″ and DN70 / 3″ plastic, cast iron & clay pipes.

Available to re-instate connections inside lined or unlined pipes, the original Twister is available for DN100, DN150 / 4″, 6″and now for DN200 / 8″pipes, plastic, cast iron or clay.

Available for lined or unlined pipes, the Twister Express is up to six times faster at re-instating connections than the original Twister. Currently available for DN100 / 4″ pipes.

The Smart Cutter

Picote’s Smart Cutter tool is the perfect companion on a lateral repair or reinstatement.

It greatly reduces costs, being much more efficient than traditional and more expensive methods. As well, it is user-friendly and customizable. How does this help? Simple—it reduces the need for costly training and maintenance costs. Finally, it can be used as an assistant when using robots, or alongside the Twister to achieve a smooth finish.

The Smart Cutter can navigate 90° bends and diameter transitions with ease. It shapes openings without inadvertent damage to the original pipe.

Not only that, but you can use the Smart Cutter to remove lead, nails, roots, fins and epoxy slugs or simply handle inconsistencies such as wrinkles in the pipe.

Here you can see the Picote Smart Cutter in action:

Pipe Coating Systems

The Picote Pipe Coating system sold by FORMADRAIN is the fast, simple and worry-free way to renovate drains and sewer lines.

With a Mini Miller and the Coating Pump attachment you will be set. You will be able to coat anything from a small area (such as a lined connection) to full piping systems.

Watch this short video to see for yourself.

No matter which Picote tool you are interested in, we have decades of expertise in pipe and sewer line rehabilitation to help you. Contact us today for all your Picote product questions.

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