A Look Inside Formadrain’s Fully-Equipped Trailer

In the very early days of Formadrain’s history, founder Gerard Marc-Aurele and President Stephane Therrien recognized that specially-engineered equipment would be needed to help ensure that licensees were fully equipped to easily install Formadrain liners to a complete success.

At that time, the steam equipment available was bulky, cumbersome, and expensive.  To meet the need for more compact, affordable equipment, Gerard and Stephane decided to design and manufacture it themselves and offer it to licensees as a complete package.  

The package they designed was introduced in early 2000 and consisted of a trailer complete with compact steam units.  The first trailer was a 6 ft x 10 ft unit. That size trailer is still available today, along with larger trailers of 6 ft x 12 ft and 7 ft x 14 ft. 

An early trailer

The trailers evolved and were perfected over the years.  Today, the trailers are fully equipped with two 350,000 BTU steam units, water tank, gauges, safety switches, compressor, hoses, winches, liner reel, sling, scale for mixing resin components, safety features, and much more.  

The current trailer, fully equipped


Join Carl Marc-Aurele, Vice President of Formadrain, for a guided tour of Formadrain’s unique trailers, designed and engineered to meet a licensee’s every need from the start of an installation to a perfect finish.  


Find out how much Formadrain has to offer.  Contact Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager at 1-888-450-3986 or bruce@formadrain.com.