Whether for manhole-to-manhole applications, laterals or spot repairs, Formadrain resins are the gold standard.

It’s no secret that Formadrain’s unique resins are industry leaders.  The evolution of the different proprietary specialized resins — Formapox 101, Formapox 301, and Durapox – has been the result of ongoing research and development in a relentless drive to produce the best.

Right from the onset of development of the resins, epoxy was chosen over polyester or other less expensive material for its durability, its strength, its stability, its non-toxicity, and its greater elasticity.   It’s low odour and VOC-free characteristics were two more very important factors in the selection of epoxy. Formadrain resins contain zero components that could pose a potential health risk and are green products.

Formapox 101
A liner prepared with Formapox 101

Formapox 101 was developed and formulated specifically for the steam curing process.  This proprietary formulation is resistant to sewer gas such as carbon monoxide, dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide.  It is likewise unaffected by most chemicals, bacteria, fungus, and insects and is perfect for laterals and non-industrial spot repairs.  Formapox 101 fully cures in 45 minutes to a flawless finish.



Formapox 301
One of the many applications of Formapox 301

Formapox 301 was specially developed for industrial applications to address the need for a resin that would withstand all manner of harsh effluent including those that contain petroleum products, caustic solutions, acetone, kerosene, xylene, detergents and other aggressive chemicals, all at high temperatures up to 250oF/120oC.  It also has high resistance to a variety of acids such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid.  Formapox 301 is ideal for a wide number of industrial and commercial applications including food processing plants, breweries, oil refineries, restaurants, and many others.

Formapox 301 fully cures in 90 minutes to 2 hours to a hard, structural and seamless finish.

Formapox 101 and Formapox 301 impregnated liners with 2 fiberglass layers can be frozen to -4°F/-20°C for a maximum of 2 weeks for added flexibility of schedule.

The Miracle of Durapox
A Durapox liner, prepared at Formadrain’s shop and ready to ship to the licensee

Two years in development and testing, Durapox is nothing short of a miracle.  It is an innovative resin exclusive to Formadrain and it is a game changer.  Durapox has an open time of 60 days without the need to freeze the prepared liner.  It is fully cured within 90-120 minutes of applying steam. This presents several obvious benefits.  

It eliminates the mixing and wet-out process by the installer.  The installer need only detail the measurements of the pipe to be lined and Formadrain takes care of all the prep work.  The liner is wetted out by Formadrain in their shop under closely controlled conditions and shipped to the installer, ready to go.  This is ideal for licensees with limited shop space for performing wet-outs as Durapox entirely eliminates the need for installers to perform this step, either in their shop or on site.  

Durapox also eliminates common situations at the job site that can lead to significant loss of time and money such as the liner starting to cure in hot weather before it’s inserted into the host pipe or delays in the insertion of the liner caused by uncontrollable circumstances such as traffic or weather conditions.  

Like the Formapox formulations, Durapox cures to a seamless, structural finish.

Not Just a Lined Pipe

When you use the exclusive Formadrain resins, you don’t merely have a lined pipe. You have a new structural and durable pipe installed without the expense and disruption of digging, and without damage to property.  For ease of use, flexibility and durability while posing no threat to health or safety, Formadrain is the obvious choice.

Contact Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-337-6764 or Bruce@formadrain.com to find out how you can expand your business with Formadrain’s premier no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation.