FORMADRAIN Licensee Cures a 10-Metre Headache

Dorchester Square fountain

Anyone who has been to the newly renovated Dorchester Square in Montreal has probably noticed an impressive 10-metre high fountain. The Victorian style fountain has some very unique design features including three levels of cast aluminum basins. 

Despite its having been recently commissioned, the fountain’s drainage pipe developed leaks and the resultant rust deposits were staining the bowls. The City of Montreal had to frequently repaint the fountain to maintain its beauty. This magnificent fountain had become a major high-maintenance headache.

Rust-stained basin

Rather than disassemble the entire structure to replace the leaking pipes, the City hired FORMADRAIN licensee, Groupe Drain Innovations, to line them.  

This lining job presented some unique challenges.  The pipe in the top section of the fountain has multiple turns that made it very difficult to run a camera through and impossible to line.  The solution was to remove the top section and line the remaining 19 feet of straight pipe.

The water in the fountain contains chlorine, so Groupe Drain Innovations used Formapox 301 industrial resin.

The drain is a three-inch diameter pipe transitioning to a four-inch.  Because FORMADRAIN liners easily conform to pipe size transitions, no stitching of the liner was needed.  

Groupe Drain Innovation installed the 19-foot liner from the top of the structure using a skyjack to position the men and equipment.  Because the liner was placed in a vertical application, Groupe Drain Innovation first inflated the liner with air to ensure adhesion to the host pipe.

Preparing to cure the liner

After curing the liner, reinstatement of the four-inch water source pipe was done with a Picote cutter.

The completed installation took only six hours, including the two-hour curing time, to an entirely successful result.  The finished liner created a durable, seamless pipe that will never leak or rust.

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