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Formapox 301 – Industrial Strength Pipe Lining Resin Designed for Extreme Conditions

Our Formapox 301 industrial liner was created for virtually any industrial application and is designed for extreme conditions such as strong acids (such as sulphuric acid), strong bases (such as caustics), and strong solvents (for petroleum applications). The liner is gray once installed.

Formapox 301 is used for all types of repairs including spot repairs or full-length pipe renewal. Repair diameters range from 2 inches (50 mm) to 48 inches (1200 mm). It has the same bi-directional weave fiberglass as the FORMADRAIN 101 liner, but it is designed to be used with Formapox 301.

During the steam curing of the liner, a high level of cross-linking of the Formapox 301 resin occurs, producing a chemically stronger liner which can be used at elevated temperatures up to 250°F /120°C.

For optimal chemical resistance, a 2-hour steam cure is required to produce a chemically and mechanically superior repair which is thin and extremely strong and watertight, with perfect transitions and tapered ends binding to the host pipe.

Formapox 301 is a green product. It is entirely free of VOCs.

Formapox 301 is ICC-ES (PMG-1203) certified.

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