FORMADRAIN names Art Price as business development manager for the US

FORMADRAIN is thrilled to announce that it has named Art Price as business development manager for the US market. The nomination comes as part of the company’s expansion throughout the United States.

Art has decades of experience in pipe cleaning and restoration as well as sewer repair and excavation. He started working for the family business, the Roto-Rooter franchise, in 1968. “I basically grew up in the sewers,” he jokes.

He took over the management of Roto-Rooter in 2009. In 2014, he acquired his first FORMADRAIN lining equipment and became a FORMADRAIN installer. After selling the Roto-Rooter franchise in 2017, he continued pipe lining for Towpath Pipe Restoration.

“I have installed liners in almost every setting imaginable, including residential homes, high-rise apartments, industrial and municipal facilities, retail businesses, restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals, retirement facilities, defense contracting, US military nuclear plants, and the United Nations in Manhattan,” Art explains.

His extensive track record is impressive with his work on sanitary and storm sewers, brownfield clean-ups, vertical roof drains, factory production and waste while under operation, facility rehabilitation, chemical leak mitigation, and pollution monitoring.

In October 2022, he decided to take the leap and join the FORMADRAIN family! “In my 38 years active in the drainage industry—the last 9 years performing pipe linings—I have not found a better system for pipe restoration than FORMADRAIN,” he says. “The liners are the strongest, most consistent in performance, most versatile, easiest to work with, and most cost effective. I am proud to work with an innovative business with the best support in the industry.”

Welcome to the team, Art! Here’s to years of FORMADRAIN success!