FORMADRAIN Technical Support – With You Every Step of the Way

FORMADRAIN offers a unique package to contractors who want to experience the many benefits of being a FORMADRAIN licensee. 

In addition to having access to the industry-leading no-dig FORMADRAIN technology and FORMADRAIN’s resins, licensees receive a fully equipped trailer and tool kit and are also provided with hands-on technical training and support. 

This training extends far beyond providing the usual manuals and specifications. An in-house experienced engineer will accompany the new licensee to real job sites to provide on-the-job training and support. The FORMADRAIN engineer actually oversees and helps perform the installations with the licensee to ensure that his crews are fully competent and comfortable with the equipment and the process.

But it doesn’t end there. FORMADRAIN offers ongoing support to their licensees; they are always willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of delivering the FORMADRAIN system to the licensee’s customers including assistance with design, preparing quotations, and trouble-shooting installations. 

FORMADRAIN maintains extended-hours telephone access to their in-house engineers. Licensees are encouraged to call to get help to resolve any difficulty they may encounter and answers when they need them. Distance is no barrier – it doesn’t matter if the installation is a few blocks away or thousands of miles. If a licensee needs help, it’s just a phone call away. For particularly challenging or unusual jobs, FORMADRAIN engineers have even driven or flown to a job site to help ensure a successful project.

Access and responsiveness are key to FORMADRAIN support. Calls for technical support go directly to a FORMADRAIN’s engineer, not to a message centre.

FORMADRAIN also hosts an annual meeting of licensees at the WWETT show. This gives licensees a chance to share their ideas and experiences with the FORMADRAIN executives and engineers and with one another.

FORMADRAIN’s guiding principle is simply stated: “Do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are happy and our licensees are successful.”

In the words of Stephane Therrien, President of FORMADRAIN:

“Since 1994, we have gone through, I would say not all situations because there’s always new situations coming up – but for probably 95% or 99% of all these situations, we already have an answer for that. 

“So, licensees call us and we give them our advice, so they avoid making a mistake or getting into trouble. This is why our experience is really valuable for our network. 

“We also are a contractor and we know that without this support it would not be as fun, not as easy. So, this is why we give them all the support they need.”

With their philosophy of “the licensees’ success is our success,” FORMADRAIN has expanded the licensee network in Canada and the US and it continues to grow. There are currently dozens of FORMADRAIN licensees throughout North America, with more on the horizon.

To find out more about the FORMADRAIN no-dig pipe rehabilitation system, call Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or email Bruce@formadrain.com or download our free info pack.