Choice Drainage Preserves the Beauty of Downtown with FORMADRAIN

Dundas Street, London ON
Dundas Street, London ON

London, Ontario was founded in 1826 and is the largest municipality in southwestern Ontario.  Among the beauties of London is the area of Dundas Street in the heart of downtown. The pleasing blend of old and new architecture perfectly complements the road and sidewalk constructed of brick laid in a unique and artistic pattern.

When the underground sewers and laterals needed work, the City of London was understandably anxious to preserve the aesthetics of the area and the City turned to Choice Drainage to provide a no-dig solution.

Choice Drainage is a sister company to CH Excavating and offers a wide range of resources to municipalities and homeowners including CCTV camera service, drain flushing and vac’ing, hydro jetting, pipe bursting, waterproofing, and bins and haulage.  

In 2017, owner Peter Chiacchia decided to add the FORMADRAIN no-dig system of pipe lining to their already impressive array of services, a decision that Pete says changed Choice Drainage’s business very much for the better.  

“Instead of just digging the sewers, we’re able to no-dig line.  It’s opened our business up and there are a lot of different clients and businesses for us now, commercial and residential.”

Choice Drainage Trailer
Choice Drainage Trailer

The City of London is one of the many new customers that Choice Drainage was able to secure with the FORMADRAIN no-dig solution to crumbling underground pipes.  London is one of the municipalities who, along with a growing number of homeowners and businesses alike, recognize the value of leaving the environment undisturbed, and awarded a contract to Choice Drainage to line a large number of sewers and laterals along Dundas Street.

What was it like to line pipes in London’s downtown?  Pete explains:

“To line pipes in the heart of downtown was different.  You had the aspect of the businesses and making sure that each business understood what we were going to do, and that the interruption was going to be minimal.”

Chris Andersen, Choice Drainage’s General Manager, vividly recalls the project that began in March of 2019 and continued on for several months, often at night, with the lining of some 150 pipes. He says: “It was exciting, to say the least”.

Pete and Chris agree that the FORMADRAIN products along with the training and the technical support they got from FORMADRAIN are huge assets to them.

“The support we got from FORMADRAIN is phenomenal.  During our process of doing the reconstruction liners in downtown London, on a couple of occasions we had problems that we couldn’t solve internally and the FORMADRAIN team was there for us.  They were able to come down the following day. They flew down. They got here, they resolved the problem and then they stayed and made sure that the next liner was going to be installed without any problems.”  

They are confident that FORMADRAIN’s premier products and ongoing support will enable Choice Drainage to continue growing their business well into the future.

Contact Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or Bruce@formadrain.com to find out how you can expand your business with FORMADRAIN’s premier no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation.