Restaurant Spared High Costs of Digging Old Sewer

North York, Ontario brothers Ariel and Gustavo Lencina are no strangers to the Formadrain system of pipe repair and rehabilitation.

Prior to founding Magic Drain Consulting Ltd., they worked for many years for a company that installed Formadrain liners.  Ariel tells us that “Back then I was 21 and I fell in love with Formadrain. I’d been waiting for my chance”.

His chance came in 2007 when the brothers founded Magic Drain Consulting Ltd., a full service company providing a variety of operations including snaking, camera inspection, high pressure washing, pumping, and of course drain rehabilitation using Formadrain liners.

Formadrain’s support of their licensees was a big part of Magic Drain Consulting’s decision to become a licensee.  Ariel says “I have a team at Formadrain that is always there, willing and able to answer any question, any time. I have a lot of direct contact with that team and I like to have that”.

That support has enabled Gustavo and Ariel to confidently take on some jobs that present special challenges.

One of their customers has a restaurant on Toronto’s Queen Street.  A portion of the restaurant’s drain collapsed and, worse still, the collapsed portion was outside of the property line under the City sidewalk.  If not for the Formadrain system, this would have meant excavating 16 feet or more beneath the sidewalk while trying to work around a traffic light that was situated on a nearby corner.  Apart from the noise and the disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic the excavation would have created, the cost to the restaurant owner would have been steep, to say the least.

Instead, Magic Drain performed a limited excavation inside the building, just enough to be able to tunnel under the building’s foundation walls and remove the damaged section of pipe.  This raised the question of how in the world could they line a pipe that had a missing section! Magic Drain had the answer — they put a sleeve on the mandrel at that section to limit the liner’s expansion to the correct size, and then installed and cured the liner.  Et voila! A fully rehabilitated drain without digging up a city sidewalk. And they did it all in one day!

Gustavo and Ariel’s number one priority has always been the customer, and making sure the job is done properly.  “We’ve been doing this for 15 years. We want to do it forever”. With Magic Drain’s unbeatable combination of customer focus and use of the industry-leading Formadrain lining system, we think there’s every chance that they will!