Formadrain’s No-Dig Solution to Orangeburg Pipe

Many contractors, and especially those in the West, have seen their share of Orangeburg pipe disasters – the slow draining, the frequent back-ups, the foul odours in the home and, often, the deformation or even the collapse of these tar-impregnated “toilet paper tubes”.

Orangeburg pipe was used for residential laterals until the early 1970’s and with a maximum life expectancy of between 30 and 50 years, more and more older houses will be at risk for a failed lateral and all the mess and expense that entails.

It’s a serious problem for many homeowners.

Fortunately, there’s a no-dig solution!

SpecialT Cleaning in Vernon, BC rehabilitated an Orangeburg pipe that had become oval.  The before and after photos show how SpecialT Cleaning was able to reshape the oval section of the pipe using the Formadrain system of no-dig pipe rehabilitation.

Using the revolutionary Durapox resin, SpecialT Cleaning was able to fully rehabilitate the pipe in just a few hours. Durapox, with all the features of Formapox 101, has an amazing 60-day open time allowing you tremendous flexibility and cost savings!

Many thanks to Jonathan Tishenko for sharing this success story with us!

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