Why Use Durapox?

Durapox®, sometimes referred to as “the miracle resin”, is a proprietary steam-cured epoxy resin available to FORMADRAIN licensees.

After development and extensive testing, Durapox was released in 2012 and since then has been widely used.  Several FORMADRAIN licensees enjoy the many advantages it offers:

  • An incredible 60-day open time, without the need to freeze the liner. 

Anyone who has installed liners knows that things can go wrong.  Traffic delays, trouble stringing lines, and other unforeseen impediments that prevent the liner being installed quickly can mean trouble on a job.  With Durapox, there’s no need to rush.  Durapox’s 60-day open time removes all the stress of unavoidable installation delays.

  • Durapox liners are prepared in FORMADRAIN’s shop.

Not all installers have room in their shop to produce longer liners but limited wet-out space is no longer an issue with Durapox.   Durapox eliminates the need for the installer to prepare the liner in his shop or on site.  All the installer has to do is detail the measurements of the pipe to be lined and FORMADRAIN takes care of all of the prep work.  The liner is carefully made under rigid quality control standards at the FORMADRAIN shop and shipped ready-made to the installer.

  • Durapox saves time and money.

With Durapox liners, the installer can reduce his inventory of resins and fiberglass.   Labour costs are also reduced when the installer’s personnel don’t have to mix resins or perform the wet out.

Additionally, because the prewet step is performed by FORMADRAIN, premade Durapox liners make it possible to schedule multiple pipes in a shorter period of time, including jobs that are at a distance from the installer’s shop.

  • No compromise of quality.

Durapox forms a smooth, watertight, structurally sound liner suitable for non-industrial applications ranging from 2 to 48 inches in pipe diameter.  The repair is so thin and smooth, the pipe keeps its original hydraulic capacity even in small diameter pipes.

Durapox liners, like all FORMADRAIN liners, are steam cured to ensure a complete cure regardless of ambient temperatures.  Every time.

Durapox liners easily negotiate up to 2” pipe transitions, offsets, and bends of up to 90°

Durapox, like all FORMADRAIN resins, is designed for strength and durability.  FORMADRAIN liners are NSF 14 certified and ICC-ES PMG-1203 certified.  Creep tests performed on FORMADRAIN liners confirm a minimum 50-year life expectancy.

  • Durapox is a green product.

All FORMADRAIN products are engineered to safeguard the environment.  They contain zero volatile organic compounds and present no health concerns for installers or for inhabitants of the installation site.

The no-dig aspect of FORMADRAIN liners makes the system ecologically sound.  There is no need to demolish pavement or landscaping, it does not create dust or excessive noise, and the speed of installation (usually 3-4 hours) minimizes fuel consumption.

Durapox is available only to licensed FORMADRAIN installers.  FORMADRAIN licensees receive access to the industry-leading no-dig FORMADRAIN technology and more.   Licensees also receive a fully equipped trailer and tool kit, on-the-job training, help with design, and extended-hours direct telephone access to the FORMADRAIN engineers.

To find out more about becoming a FORMADRAIN licensee, call Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or email Bruce@formadrain.com or download our free info pack.