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Formadrain Welcomes a New Licensee

Formadrain Inc. is pleased to announce that Aquazen Services of Woodbridge, Ontario recently joined the growing ranks of Formadrain licensees.

Aquazen Services provides a variety of maintenance and trouble-shooting solutions for residences, condominium buildings and commercial establishments.  

Formadrain provides licensees with specially-engineered equipment to ensure successful installation of its liners.  Licensees are offered a choice of receiving either a fully-equipped trailer or skid-mounted equipment for installation in the licensee’s own trailer.  Aquazen Services selected the skid-mounted option.

Skid-mounted equipment at Formadrain’s shop
Skid-mounted equipment installed in Aquazen’s trailer

The Formadrain no-dig CIPP solution for pipe restoration dovetails perfectly with Aquazen’s mission to provide exceptional customer service and preserve infrastructure.  Formadrain’s non-invasive, green technology makes it the ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

For more information about becoming a Formadrain licensee, please contact Bruce Stevenson at 1-888-450-3986 or email  

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