Lateral Relining & Spot Repair System
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FORMADRAIN® is a tested and time-proven solution for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal wastewater and process pipe rehabilitation projects. In most conditions it can be used for a true NO-DIG solution.

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A Ground-breaking Lateral Relining and Spot Repair System

The best Cured-in-Place-Pipelining system specifically made for laterals & spot repairs!

How is the FORMADRAIN System Different from Other CIPP Methods?

This is an ideal NO-DIG system for laterals and spot repairs.

FORMADRAIN liners do not use felt tubes.  They are epoxy and fiberglass liners that are pulled or pushed into place.

The liners are steam-cured, providing you with plenty of working time and assuring a complete cure.  Every time.

We have a proven and virtually perfect pipelining system for laterals and spot repairs. Here’s why:

Look At Your Benefits:

Why is FORMADRAIN worth a hard look for any plumber or sewer contractor? No fluff, no hype: this system works, really well.

  • Lining T’s, Y’s and Offset Joints: Tees, Ys and offset joints aren’t a problem and it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a 4” to 6” transition or have an offset joint. You don’t even have to measure —it will adjust.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: We’re going to give you and your crew personal training and preparation so you can get into the field fast. And our engineers will help you with technical questions any time between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • Incredible Strength: The woven fiberglass and steam-cured epoxy is very strong – we haven’t found anyone else with a stronger product.
  • Quality of the Product: The finished product is amazingly uniform and due to the fiberglass and epoxy design there are no wrinkles.
  • Perfect Spot Repairs: Because you can pull the system in place exactly where you want it, you can repair a precise section of pipe. It is so good at spot repair, some use it for this reason alone.
  • Handle process pipes: You can line process pipes with FORMADRAIN’s industrial strength resin, Formapox 301.


In 2005 CATT performed a 13,000-hour creep test and determined a long-term (50-year) Modulus of Flexural Elasticity of FORMADRAIN liners.  

“Since 1994 FORMADRAIN has consistently proven itself as an effective option in repairing or replacing laterals (house sewers) or other underground pipes.

The most obvious benefit of the system is that it can be installed without digging a single hole. The process utilizes a liner with an epoxy formulation that is inserted inside the existing pipe (it’s a pull in place or push in place system), but with minimal loss in diameter.”

Formadrain's 3 Formulations

FORMADRAIN's liner technology comes in three different forms to adapt to every situation.

Formapox 101

Our Standard Lining Solution

Formapox 101 is the standard epoxy resin used for laterals and forms a watertight, thin, yet extremely strong and durable liner. The liner is bright blue in colour.

Formapox 101 is the mainstay of our pulled-in-place, steam-cured, fibreglass and epoxy underground pipe repair system.

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Formapox 301

Industrial Strength for Extreme Conditions

Formapox 301 epoxy resin was created for virtually any industrial application.  It is designed for extreme conditions including strong acids, caustics, and petroleum products  The liner is gray once installed.

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Prepped and shipped. 60 DAY OPEN TIME

Durapox is our latest development.  It offers an incredible 60-DAY OPEN TIME with all the features of Formapox 101.  

Durapox liners are made-to-order at FORMADRAIN’s shop under tightly held quality control standards and shipped to the licensee ready to install. 

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The fiberglass mat is wet out with the epoxy, wrapped around a rubber mandrel, then wrapped in polyethylene to protect it, U-folded and taped to hold it tight and then rolled onto a spool ready to go to the jobsite.


The liners can be pushed or pulled into place between any two access points, clean outs, manholes, etc. Pulled in place is often the preferred method as two lifelines are available for adjustments.  The pulled liner will easily negotiate T’s, Y’s, and bends of up to 90 degrees. Location of transitions, if any, is not a concern.

Once in place, the steam line is connected to the mandrel and steam pressure applied for the indicated time span (usually 45 mins. to 2 hours depending upon which epoxy is used and the size of the liner).

Equipment & Support

FORMADRAIN custom builds three different sizes of trailers and equips them fully based on more than twenty five years of experience. Two 350,000 BTU steam units with steam regulator and safety switches, two 500’ 2 ton winches, all hoses, connectors, ropes, compressor, push rod, and more. 

Will also mount equipment on skids if contractors have a trailer or trucks if contractors desire.

Installers are thoroughly trained by FORMADRAIN in-house engineers in their own shop and on site at real jobs.  They are provided with direct telephone access to FORMADRAIN engineers 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Municipal engineers and Public Works Officials can access the engineering team directly to go over details of a proposal or existing project.


We can re-line through a 4-inch cast iron clean out, a Y in a 45 and go right to the city main with zero digging…We can do the 4 to 6 transitions without measuring...the fiberglass epoxy just opens up beautifully and you get a nice, seamless transition. Also the support we get is second to none. You can call them any time of the day or night…

Jim Levine
Levine & Sons, Michigan

“It has been a very successful system for our company”
We have been installing FORMADRAIN liners since 1999 and it has been a very successful system for our company. The reason that we utilize this system is for its No Dig procedure. The staff at FORMADRAIN has been very helpful along the way. They are always just a phone call away.

Jim Sauve
CamSpec North, Ontario

I’m glad we made the decision to go with FORMADRAIN. We looked at other products, we demo’d other products and tried them but we honestly feel that FORMADRAIN is a superior product. We’ve been very, very pleased with it.

Bob Birnie
Thos. R. Birnie & Sons

“ The strength of the cured liner was better than we had ever imagined”
We feel the FORMADRAIN lining system is very user friendly. We especially like that cure- time in most cases is 35 minutes compared to some systems with 4 to 6 hours. Also, the working time is up to 4 hours. Trenchless Innovations has relied on the expertise from FORMADRAIN to get us through tough lining situations. The ongoing support is very important to us. The FORMADRAIN system lets us line from one foot to hundreds of feet. This allows us to handle many job situations. The strength of the cured liner was better than we had ever imagined.

John Reid
Trenchless Innovations, Illinois

The FORMADRAIN system is been a great add-on for us. We’ve been able to do jobs that nobody else has been able to do. We don’t have to dig, rip and tear and it’s an option to be more productive and have a better bottom line. It makes us more money, it saves clients more money and they’re happy with the results.

Rick Nelson
Renew Services

I just really liked the complete package that you get with FORMADRAIN. I like the fact that we can rehab larger diameters. So basically we do small to large diameter pipe. I like the diversity of that. If I’m gonna invest the money in a technology I want bang for my buck type thing so – that’s the biggest reason [we chose FORMADRAIN].

Reg Mulligan
Edgewater Sewer Services Inc., Ontario

“None were as successful as the FORMADRAIN System”
As a Trenchless Technology Rehabilitation Contractor for over 25 years I tried several types of internal repairs. None were as consistently successful as the FORMADRAIN System. We tried the ambient cure systems and they proved to be unpredictable in their curing time and had a composite shelf life of only 20 minutes. When we switched to FORMADRAIN we had hours of composite shelf life, increasing our proficiency and quality control at the jobsite. The Cured In Place Point Repair by FORMADRAIN proved itself over and over again."

Richard G. Perez
Consultant, Vermont

Not just a lined pipe

When you use the exclusive FORMADRAIN products, you don’t merely have a lined pipe. You have a new structural and durable pipe installed without the expense and disruption of digging, and without damage to property. For ease of use, flexibility and durability while posing no threat to health or safety, FORMADRAIN is the obvious choice.

The FORMADRAIN Technology in Action

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