Preserving Structure and Wildlife with FORMADRAIN

Groupe ADE is a multi-division Quebec company that provides a wide range of repair and maintenance for municipal, industrial, commercial, and institutional pipes.

One of the many services that Groupe ADE performs is spot repair of large diameter pipes using the FORMADRAIN no-dig system.

One of the pipes that Groupe ADE repaired was a 36-inch x 30-foot culvert running under an overpass. There was a dry rock wall on the sides of the overpass worth tens of thousands of dollars. Removing and replacing the pipe would have been both destructive to the rock wall and very expensive. Instead, the wise decision was to line the culvert.

Pulling a 36-inch x 30-foot pipe can present some special challenges. Liners that large are too heavy to be put in place manually, particularly when the terrain is too rough to use a winch. Groupe ADE solved the problem using the boom on one of their sewer cleaning trucks.

One of the many reasons the FORMADRAIN system of lining and spot repair was perfect for that application is that the FORMADRAIN technology is green.  State and provincial governments are becoming increasingly mindful of environmental safeguards to protect marine and terrestrial wildlife.  FORMADRAIN products contain zero VOCs and present no environmental hazards.

FORMADRAIN liners are steam cured, ensuring a complete cure every time regardless of ambient temperatures.  FORMADRAIN liners and equipment were developed in a cold climate where steam cure is a must for productivity and year-round work.

For more information about FORMADRAIN’s no-dig lining solutions, call Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or email Bruce@formadrain.com for your free info pack.