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Formadrain Liners Can be Pushed in Place

For some applications, Formadrain liners offer flexibility in the choice of installation method. They can be pulled in place or they can be pushed in place. An advantage of pulling a liner in place is that you have two lifelines … Read More


Information provided on this website is general and is intended as informational in nature.  Nothing on this website is intended to constitute technical advice. Formadrain Inc. will endeavor to update the website as needed; however, information can change without notice. … Read More

Consumer Trends to Green Products

Is having an ecologically-sound product really that important to consumers? Yes! Over the last several years, multiple studies have examined that question and the results are conclusive.  “The Sustainability Imperative” is a report issued in October 2015 by Nielsen, a … Read More

Why Contractors Choose Formadrain

Homeowners, municipalities, and industries have been turning to no-dig solutions to rehabilitate damaged underground laterals and sewers, and with good reason.  Trenchless repair of pipes: Is Environmentally-Friendly. With no-dig technology, there is no need to tear up pavement, lawns, trees … Read More

Join Us at the 2019 Congrès INFRA

Since its inception in the late 1980’s, The Center of Expertise and Research in Urban Infrastructure (CERIU) has been working with its members and partners to “support innovation, training, development of know-how and knowledge transfer to meet the challenges posed … Read More

Carl Marc-Aurèle, P.Eng., Vice-President of Formadrain, explains the benefits of prepared liners made for you at Formadrain’s facility using Durapox
Durapox – The Only Epoxy Liner That’s Ready When You Are

Watch as Carl Marc-Aurèle, P.Eng., Vice-President of Formadrain, explains the benefits of prepared liners made for you at Formadrain’s facility using Durapox, the “miracle resin”.   A Durapox liner: Has an incredible 60-day open time Steam cures to a structurally-sound, … Read More

Canada’s Infrastructure

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities recently released the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card 2019. The report is the result of the combined efforts of a number of organizations:   The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Canada (ACEC), the Canadian Construction Association … Read More

Chicago to Implement CIPP Pilot Programs

Chicago, IL, one of the largest cities in the US with a population of almost three million people, has been struggling with a problem common to older municipalities – replacing crumbling sewer lines and house laterals.  In June of this … Read More

Formadrain’s Recipe for Success

At Formadrain, we take the success of our licensees seriously. We know that their success is our success.  We have developed a recipe for success. Here are the ingredients:  Cutting Edge Technology Formadrain is a true no-dig system of pipe … Read More

Peace Bridge across Bow River during a vibrant summer sunrise. Taken in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Formadrain to Showcase in Calgary

The NASTT (North American Society for Trenchless Technology) is a non-profit organization that represents those who have an interest in the many utilitarian and environmental benefits of trenchless technology. Its members come from a wide range of public organizations and … Read More

Extremely colorful classic restored house with beautiful landscaping in a rural city.
When “The Impossible” Happens

Laval, Quebec is a thriving city just to the north of Montreal. Home to businesses in the technology, pharmaceutical, industrial and retail sectors, it is also a robust educational and recreational centre with vocational institutes, college and universities. Residential neighbourhoods … Read More

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