Formapox 101 - Our Standard Lining Solution

Formapox 101 is our standard Formadrain® lateral liner which is made from a watertight, thin, yet extremely strong composite material and our specially formulated resin. The liner is bright blue in colour.

Formapox 101 is the mainstay of our pulled-in-place, steam-cured, fibreglass and epoxy underground pipe repair system.  As with all our expoxies, we can line sizes going from 2 to 48 inches (50-1200 mm) in pipe diameter. The repair is so thin, the pipe sustains its original capacity, even with a liner installed in such small diameters.

There are no worries with transitions either.  They are lined without even knowing where it sits down in the pipe.

The liner is cured with steam provided by a 700.000 BTU steam unit built to accommodate any repair size. Formapox 101 handles a 4-hour working time, making preparation much easier for your crew, doesn’t have to rush things or cut corners, all this at the lowest material cost on the market and steam will cure every single repair within 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on pipe size.

Formapox 101 is also environmentally friendly (No VOC’s), safe for underground utilities, and is a watertight repair.