Formadrain’s Recipe for Success

At Formadrain, we take the success of our licensees seriously. We know that their success is our success. 

We have developed a recipe for success. Here are the ingredients: 

Cutting Edge Technology

Formadrain is a true no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation. Pioneers of steam-curing, Formadrain provides liners made of fiberglass with a proprietary epoxy resin. Each of Formadrain’s resins are environmentally-friendly and contain zero VOCs. Liners are inserted through existing access points. In residential applications, these are generally the house cleanout and the municipal manhole, so there is NO digging.

Formadrain liners will repair pipes from 2 to 48 inches in diameter and are impregnated with resins that have been specially engineered for different applications. The liners conform to the shape of the host pipe, easily handling transitions as well as elbows of up to 90 degrees. 

Formadrain liners exceed the ASTM F1216 standards of flexion and tension by five times so you can be sure that the liner will cure to a smooth, seamless, durable, and structurally sound finish.

Steam curing assures consistent and reliable results, making it the right choice for residential, municipal, commercial and industrial applications.

The Formadrain system is complete and proven over years of real-world use, which is why it meets the tough certification requirements of the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).

Unparalleled Licensee Support

Part of Formadrain’s quality assurance is that the system is available only to licensed and qualified personnel. It is not something you’ll find at your local home improvement box store. Formadrain’s licensees are provided with all of the specialized equipment and products they’ll need for successful installation.

Licensees are also provided with on-the-job training by an experienced Formadrain engineer. But licensee support doesn’t end there! Formadrain has a support hotline manned from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST to provide real-time technical support and technical advice. For support with every aspect of a job, from design help to troubleshooting an installation, Formadrain engineers are with you every step of the way.

Product Innovation

Formadrain’s liners are specifically designed for use with steam curing.

Formapox 101 creates a watertight, thin, and extremely strong liner suitable for many residential and municipal applications. Formapox 101 is used for house laterals, city wastewater lines, and other non-harsh applications.

Formapox 301 stands up to extreme applications such as high heat, solvents, acids, and strong bases. A high level of cross linking of this resin occurs during the steam curing to create a chemically strong liner for use in virtually any commercial or industrial application.

Durapox is a revolutionary development in resins. Durapox liners have an incredible 60-day open time that allows for installation on the installer’s schedule rather than the working time of the liner. The liners can be made to order in Formadrain’s shop and shipped to the installer, eliminating the need for the licensee to wet out the liner at his facility or at the job site.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Formadrain offers licensees a trailer, fully equipped with two 350,000 BTU steam units, water tank, gauges, safety switches, compressor, hoses, winches, liner reel, sling, scale for mixing resin components, safety features and much more.

Need more information? Download a free info pack or contact Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or Bruce@formadrain.com to find out more about Formadrain’s premier system of no-dig pipe rehabilitation.