Damaged Pressure Pipe Renewed in Under 5 Hours with Formadrain’s Cutting Edge Durapox Liner

One of Formadrain’s newer licensees, New England Pipe Restoration of Leominster, MA, recently completed the repair of a four-inch ductile iron pressure pipe.  The water feeds from a well to supply a sprinkler system servicing two athletic fields that are separated by a two-lane road.

As luck would have it, the damaged section of pipe ran under the road, complete with two offsetting 45’s.  Needless to say, digging up the road was not an attractive option for the facility’s custodians.

To address the situation, New England Pipe Restoration, who has a wealth of experience in the inversion method of pipe rehabilitation, decided to add the Formadrain steam-cured PIP system of pipe rehabilitation to its customer service arsenal.  

The liner that New England Pipe Restoration selected to use for this job was impregnated with Durapox resin.   Durapox has all the features of Formapox 101 plus an astonishing 60-day open time so there was no need for New England Pipe Restoration to prepare the liner on site or in their shop.  Durapox liners are formed and wetted out at the Formadrain plant and shipped to the contractor, ready to place.

Because there are no clean-outs along a pressure pipe, New England Pipe Restoration dug two access points, one each end of the damaged section.  After the damaged section was lined, they connected new sections of pipe to the lined section.

Formadrain’s Carl Marc-Aurèle, was on hand at the job to provide advice and support to New England Pipe Restoration’s crew.  


As this “after” video shows, the entire job, including those two 45’s, was successfully completed to a flawless finish. And all in under just five hours!


We look forward to continuing to work with New England Pipe Restorations and feel sure of their continued success!

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