How to Save Money and Protect the Environment with Formadrain

Renew Services Inc. is an Edmonton company that, under the leadership of Rick Nelson, provides a variety of plumbing services including repairs and replacement of storm and water lines, thawing of water and sewer lines, root removal, and many other specialized services related to water and sewer lines.  A number of years ago, they added the Formadrain no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation to their impressive problem-solving arsenal.

Rick, a very experienced and knowledgeable installer of Formadrain liners, describes Renew Services as being well-known for accepting jobs that nobody else will.  That’s something he takes great pride in, and deservedly so. Always eager to take on a challenge, Rick credits Formadrain with being a big part of his ability to solve problems that seem unsolvable to others.

Rick tells us of applications where the Formadrain system has helped him to save his customers tremendous sums of money such as in factory areas where excavation is just not an option.  Another example is one of Renew Services’ jobs where they rehabilitated a drain that runs under a heated garage pad. Having to rip the pad up would have been very expensive for the homeowner, and most contractors would agree that patched-up concrete never looks the same.  Using the Formadrain no-dig system of pipe rehabilitation saved money and preserved the homeowner’s investment, something that homeowners always appreciate.

Ecological stewardship is a part of the Renew Services philosophy and Rick appreciates that Formadrain’s non-toxic, VOC-free formulations dovetail nicely with their own philosophy of environmental responsibility.

Rick likes that the Formapox 101 and Formapox 301 resins allow him the flexibility for residential and commercial work and he is excited about the advantages that Durapox provides for residential work outside of his usual geographic area.  He plans to use Durapox for a job in Banff, Alberta where he doesn’t have a shop area to prepare the liner.  Having a ready-made liner with a 60-day open time eliminates the need for on-site facilities. Not only that, but Durapox also eliminates any worry about having to rush to work around any last-minute surprises.

The initial training provided by Formadrain to Renew Services was, according to Rick, more than enough “to get them up and running”.  Formadrain’s on-going support of licensees is also important to Rick. He says that “Usually, you need to know right away and Formadrain has always provided that service”.  Rick also finds great value in Formadrain’s annual meetings with licensees at the WWETT shows because they give him the opportunity to network with other licensees and to share ideas and expertise.

Rick looks forward to Renew Services continued growth and expansion with Formadrain:

“There are quite a few people in our market area right now, but whoever the customer can get the greatest support from is going to grow. And we’re planning to be a big part of that market.”