Toronto Licensee Enjoys a Banner Year with FORMADRAIN

Toronto Licensee Enjoys a Banner Year with FORMADRAIN - Man preparing sewer lateral lining

Magic Drain Consultant Ltd is a Toronto-based FORMADRAIN licensee specializing in residential sewer pipe rehabilitation.  

Most of the liners Magic Drain has installed have been from four inches (100 mm) to six inches (150 mm) in diameter, but when a large townhouse complex had a requirement to rehabilitate all of the multi-diameter storm drainage of the complex’s parking lots, they didn’t hesitate.

The complex contains hundreds of townhouses covering most of two city blocks in a north and a south section.  This large-scale project, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, involved lining almost a kilometer (about 3,200 lin feet) of pipes ranging in diameter from 4-inch (100 mm) to 18-inch (450 mm).

The manholes to the storm drains are located at the back of the complex where there is no vehicular access.  Using a solution-based approach, Magic Drain creatively overcame this challenge to a very successful result.

Most of the liners that Magic Drain had previously installed were prepared in their shop using Formapox 101® resin, but because of the scope of this project, Magic Drain decided to take advantage of the labour savings and the extended open time of Durapox® and had FORMADRAIN prepare the liners.  Magic Drain was so impressed with the performance of the Durapox liner that they’ve ordered more of them.

The magnitude of the townhouse complex project was a decided expansion of Magic Drain’s previous scopes of work but owner Ariel Lencina explains that they are always up for new challenges, backed by FORMADRAIN’s licensee support:

“We’re not afraid of new challenges, that’s for sure.  Carl and Stephane from FORMADRAIN are always available; they always make themselves available at any time.  They’ve been amazing.”

Magic Drain’s business continues to expand as a FORMADRAIN licensee.  

Ariel says that their intense focus on customer service and their confidence in taking on new applications, combined with FORMADRAIN’s technical support and products, has contributed greatly to Magic Drain’s success:

“2020 was one of our best years.  We’re very happy about that.  2020 was so busy that I actually had to hire more guys and we worked right through.  Still are.  So, I’m very happy, very pleased and very thankful for everything.”

For more information about how to expand your business with FORMADRAIN, contact Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-450-3986 or email Bruce@formadrain.com.  Bruce will be glad to send you a free info pack and answer any questions you have.