Aqua Drain Sewer Services Inc. and Formadrain – A Winning Combination

Yanick Brule, President and CEO of Aqua Drain

Ottawa-based Aqua Drain Sewer Services Inc. can only be described as a success story on steroids. 

Yanick Brule, President and CEO of Aqua Drain, started his 24-hour emergency plumbing service in 2004 with one man and a van.  In 2005, Yanick acquired a Formadrain license, and quickly grew his company to its present size of 50 employees and 47 trucks servicing the Ottawa-Kingston corridor and beyond.

A full-service company, Aqua-Drain provides a variety of plumbing, sewer repairs and other services to the residential, commercial and municipal sectors and in each case, exceptional customer service has been the cornerstone of their success. 

In 2014, The Ottawa Business Journal reported that Aqua Drain ranked #8 on the list of Canada’s 25 fastest-growing consumer service firms.  How did they do that? The Ottawa Business Journal article explains: “It’s simple.  Be where customers need you to be, at any time of day or night, and take advantage of the latest technology to get the job done right and done fast.”

Leveraging State-of-the-Art Technology

They wanted to be able to offer customers the finest in no-dig technology to save them time, money, and inconvenience — so they became a Formadrain licensee almost immediately upon opening their doors.  

Aqua Drain leverages the Formadrain no-dig technology as one of the focal points of their core competencies.  In the words of Yanick Brule, “We remain the emergency service that homeowners and businesses can rely on, but we continue to expand our commercial service to carry out infrastructure, pipe lining and sewer rehabilitation work too”.  

The time savings that the Formadrain system provides to Aqua-Drain gives them greater efficiencies, enabling them to perform multiple jobs in one day, even the larger municipal jobs.  Yanick tells us they routinely do two large city contracts in a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Licensee Support

The training that Formadrain provides to all licensees has proven to be invaluable to Aqua-Drain.  After receiving methodical on-the-job training from Formadrain, the Aqua-Drain team was fully confident in their ability to tackle jobs that other companies would balk at.  

Aqua-Drain is always searching for new and innovative applications for the Formadrain system and is very glad to have the Formadrain licensee support to rely on.  Yanick says: 

“When you’re on a site, you don’t want to leave a message – you need someone to answer the phone right away.  There’s a certain time that’s critical and every minute counts. And that’s the thing about Formadrain – any time you need answers, you can reach someone and they will help you out.”

Formadrain’s Premier Products

In addition to the original Formapox 101 and Formapox 301 formulations, Aqua-Drain also uses Durapox, saying it’s a huge asset for out of town jobs where they don’t have a facility for preparing a liner.  They love the flexibility that Durapox gives them – just pre-order the liner and it’s ready to install.

Yanick also appreciates that Formadrain is relentless in their development of cutting-edge technology and predicts that 

“Formadrain will always come up with new formulations, new devices, new technology, different ways that are quicker and easier.  I know at Formadrain they constantly work to get new products. It’s what they do.”

Yanick adds that “I know that Formadrain loves what they do.  And we love what we do. They make the product and we install it.  It’s a team.”  

And we’re sure that Aqua-Drain’s passion for their business along with Formadrain’s premier products and licensee support will continue to be a winning combination.

Find out how you can expand your product offering by becoming a Formadrain licensee.  For more information, contact Bruce Stevenson, Business Development Manager, at 1-888-337-6764 or Bruce@formadrain.com.